Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sexy red hills

Shoes, pause think about this, are shoes merely what we put on our feet, or are they more? Can shoes represent our mood, and where we have been? Well certainly if our shoes are muddy, then yes they do tell where we have been, we have been somewhere in the mud!! I really do think that they represent our mood quit frequently. If you are feeling fun and flirty, maybe a nice wedge would be the choice. Perhaps a pair like this.

Or maybe if you are having a lazy day, a cute pair of flip flops.

Of course neither of these would work if you are in the mood for outside activities. A more suitable choice would be tennis shoes.

Also a good pair of shoes can really make a woman feel very good about herself. My favorite way to make myself feel special and sexy is high heels!! High heels are my favorite kind of shoe. They make me feel pretty. They work great with dresses and jeans.

Now guys on the other hand can not appreciate shoes like a woman can. My husband thinks that I have way to many shoes, my motto is one can never have enough shoes! i have tons, but want more. My shoes make me feel happy, I know that sounds silly. I buy shoes when I am sad. It makes me feel better. And in the words of Cinderella, a good pair of shoes really can change a girl's life!


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