Saturday, January 23, 2010

2008 World Championship Ice Dance Jana Khokhlova and Sergei Novitski

Compulsory Dance
Jana Khokhlova and Sergei Novitski are Russian ice dancers and the 2008 World bronze medalists. They ended the night with 203.26 points. The compulsory dance was to the "Argentine Tango."

The color goes well with the music, red and black usually shows the drama of the tango. The style of the costumes are okay. Sergei looks good in black and I like the simplicity of his costume. The black satin button-down shirt with quarter sleeves gives a sophisticated yet casual style that fits the music well. I like it that he pulled back his hair, but he should get a trim.

The style of Jana's dress is not very pleasing. I like the style of the skirt and beadings on the dress. But I didn't like how the color faded into pink and black. I really don't like the black gloves she's wearing. I liked that she pulled her hair back and added a black flower, it pulls outfit together nicely.

I give it 1/2

Original Dance

For their original dance, they skated to "Two Guitars" by Paul Mauriat, a Russian Gypsy Dance.

Instead of Russian Gypsy, these costumes remind me more of "carribean-flamenco" style. The bright pink, orange, and green reminds me of a luau and the flower patterns remind me of a Hawaiian theme style.

The good: the fringes and the black relates to the music. The bad: the color, the style, Sergei's covered boots, and so on. I don't mind the color, it brightens up the costume, but it doesn't relate very well to the music. Jana's dress (if you can call it a dress) is very busy and very revealing. The cut-outs in the bodice is not bad, but it's barely a dress. The skirt is busy with fringes, flower-patterned shawl, and etc. And why is there a fabric wrapped around her arm?

With Sergei's costume, it's ugly. I get that he's matching his partner's costume, but what is with the big flower all over the right side of his shirt?! And his shirt is way too low (button them up a bit). The black boots over the skates make him look like a pirate!

Overall, I give it 1/2

Free Dance

For their free dance, they skated to "A Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgski and "In The Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt" by Edvard Grieg.

He's suppose to be a demon and she's a witch. The costume, like the music, is very "Halloween-like" and very theatrical and "costume-ish." On the other hand, the style of these costumes is very busy and distracting.

Jana's dress (again if you would call it as a dress) has a lot going on. Some details I like are the designs on the dress such as the spider webs to personify her character. But I feel like pieces are going to fall off as she skates (it happened to Sergei once with the million frills he's wearing).

Like Jana, Sergei's costume is very busy. He's wearing more frills than any of the ladies in these competitions. I hate the blue and red strands on his pants that cover his boots. But his scruffy look and his long hair depicts his character very well.


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