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katrina kaif with her mother and sister (familly)

katrina kaif public pictures from party's media show's

Isabel arriving with Katrina at the Party

Katrina Kaif in a short skirt with sister Isabel at the Nokia 14th Annual Star Screen Awards on Thursday, January 10, Mumbai

katrina kaif at iifa award show

katrina kaif with her mother and sister

katrina kaif on release of "sigh is king" music

katrina kaif walked the red carpet at the IIFA awards gala at Yorkshire (on June 9)

Katrina Kaif's sister Isabella in a Bollywood flick

Next we may see Katrina Kaif's sister Isabella in a Bollywood flick.

Salman Khan has been making no bones about promoting 17-year-old Isabel as his leading lady in Veer with the director of the film Anil Sharma, who continues to be undecided about his lead heroine.

Salman Khan has written the script for Veer, which is being produced by Eros International and Vijay Jalani with a budget of Rs 75 crore. He is reportedly being paid a package of Rs 25 crore to cover his lead role and scripting.

Anil Sharma, in the past has directed films such as Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), The Hero: Love Story of a Spy (2003) and Apne (2007)

While Katrina has trashed the speculation saying Isabel is too young for a career in films, Katrina, herself is 23, has also trashed speculation that she and Salman, 42, are an item, but continues to host parties at Salman Khan's house.

The first picture is of Isabel with Anil Parekh of Rajlaxmi Entertainment.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anne Hathaway wins pudding award

Anne Hathaway wins pudding awardAnne Hathaway has accepted her woman of the year award by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals drama group in person.

The Oscar-nominated actress played along with a threatrical production and a parade when she arrived to receive the award in Cambridge.

Hathaway was kissed by men dressed in drag during a parade down Massachusetts Avenue

Justin Timberlake will receive his man of the year award in person on February 5.

Hayden Panettiere is a Hamburg Hottie

Hayden Panettiere is a Hamburg HottieHayden Panettiere hits the red carpet with her boyfriend, Ukranian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, at the Best of Musical Gala 2010 at the Color Line Arena in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday (January 30).

The 20-year-old Heroes actress, who is 5′1″, posed for photos with her 33-year-old beau, who is 6′6″!

Hayden chatted with Us Weekly at the premiere of Temple Grandin earlier this week and shared that she felt “tired of being a blonde.”

“It’s fun to change things up,” Hayden added, “and I feel I don’t have to overcompensate as much personality-wise when I have red hair as I do with blonde hair.”

Sometime Sex is fun and everyone should experiment with porn

Sometime Sex is fun and everyone should experiment with pornMariah Carey recently proved that she could be a prankster too—the crooner left hubby Nick Cannon stunned when she called his radio show and acted like a porn-crazy woman.

The singer introduced herself as Debbie from Long Island during the prank phone call to the New York show Rollin With Nick Cannon on 92.3 NOW FM.

Then she declared that she was a fan of adult films and went on to list their benefits.

"Me and my husband have a very good time when we watch porn and I don''t think it''s bad. I think if it was bad it wouldn''t exist! And I think that everyone should experiment with porn!” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"I mean Nick, come on, you know you look at porn! Tonight when me and my husband look at porn, I already know it''s gonna be a humdinger!" she added.

Cannon soon caught on and quickly announced, "Ladies and gentleman, this is how hilarious my wife is. This is Mariah Carey calling the station talking about porn!"

Carey joked, "I don''t even know what you''re talking about! All I''m saying is stop talking bad about porn!"

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Monica Bellucci Sexy Wallpaper

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci Wallpaper

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Tom cruise

Tom cruise Wallpaper

Tom cruise picture

Tom cruise image

Tom cruise Walls

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Tanner Sarff by Rick Day

New face male model Tanner Sarff by Rick Day!

Tanner Sarff by Rick Day

Tanner Sarff by Rick Day

Tanner Sarff by Rick Day

Tanner Sarff by Rick Day

Taylor Swift rides high into Grammy night

Taylor Swift rides high into Grammy nightTaylor Swift has been playing in the major leagues only a short time, yet her trophy case would make even the New York Yankees jealous.

Think that's an exaggeration? Consider that 20-year-old Swift has received 78 major award nominations and won 48 times since breaking through in 2006. This includes winning six American Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards and five Country Music Television Awards. Back in November, Swift, then just 19, took home five Country Music Association Awards — including the genre's most prestigious prize, entertainer of the year.

Now, she stands to add to that total — in a big way — with nominations in eight categories Sunday night at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. Swift (who previously had but one Grammy nomination to her name) has the second most nominations of the night, trailing only Beyonce's 10, and they include three of the biggest fields — record, song and album of the year.

Not that awards shows are the only forum for Swift's success. Her two CDs, "Taylor Swift" and 2008's "Fearless," have sold millions of copies and she's scored more Top 40 singles than any other female artist this millennium. She's also quickly proven to be a legitimate draw at the gate, as her ongoing "Fearless Tour" — set to touch down April 11 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose — has been drawing capacity crowds across the country.

"It's a meteoric rise not unlike what we've seen in recent years with the likes of the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus," remarks Rob Evans, editor of TicketMaster's music news Web site, "What's interesting about Swift, though, is that it's easy to picture her playing concert halls for years and years."

Indeed, Swift seems unlike anything else we've seen in pop music history. There have been acts — especially those that appeal to a younger demographic — that rise from seemingly nowhere to dominate the charts (and often fade equally as fast). There have also been musicians who have won big at award shows or earned rave reviews from critics. Yet, it's hard to name anyone other than Swift who has so quickly managed to accomplish both.

Swift was first embraced by country crowds that cheered on her debut single, the 2006 ode to hunky cowboy "Tim McGraw." Her music then began to spread via the Internet — rare for a country artist — and was eagerly gobbled up by non-country listeners. In particular, she connected with Hannah Montana fans, young teens and early twentysomethings, who had no problem identifying with the personal lyrics and stories in her mostly puppy-love songs.

"I think Taylor's advantage is that she is a singer-songwriter," says Nate Deaton, general manager of the Bay Area country music station KRTY 95.3 FM. "A lot of people try to relate to that 13- to 25-year-old audience. Well, it's pretty darn hard to relate to that audience unless you are one of them.

"Swift wrote her songs from that perspective, and I think that's what appeals to the audience. It's believable because it doesn't come from a 35-year old."

With that crucial younger demographic and a solid country following at her feet, Swift then went on to conquer the rest of the world. Her songs quickly crossed over from country radio to garner much airplay on other formats, and soon millions of pop fans were singing Swift's praises. Critics, traditionally skeptical of anything so overwhelmingly endorsed by the general public, also fell under Swift's spell.

Geoffrey Himes, the noted writer who has organized the Nashville Scene publication's annual Country Music Critics Poll since its inception in 2000, was joyous in recounting what it was like to see Swift in concert.

"I caught the first show of her summer tour at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland, and I was astounded all over again by her improbable combination of good writing, good singing, good looks and strong presence," he wrote in the essay accompanying the most recent critic's poll. "Maybe she's had some vocal problems on award shows, but on that night in June she sounded like the best thing to happen to American pop music in a long time as she delivered one of the truest songs about adolescence ('Fifteen') I've ever heard."

Regardless whether Swift wins big at Sunday's Grammy Awards, her biggest challenge will be in trying to sustain her popularity as she — and her fans — graduate to adulthood. That's no easy task for a young act — just ask Hanson, Debbie Gibson or Tiffany— but it's one that Swift seems well prepared to handle.

"Though she's still very young, she's already a veteran performer, and she's already a songwriter," Evans says. "To develop a deep fan base, it's important to put the work in, and she's put the work in. Her publicity machine has been amazing, but her music seems more personal and less disposable than that of many of today's other young stars."

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Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski

Hot Romanian male model Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski.

Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski

Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski

Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski

Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski

Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski

Silviu Tolu by Jon Malinowski



Levi McConaughey & Grandma Alves Step Out in Stripes

Levi McConaughey & Grandma Alves Step Out in StripesLevi McConaughey spends time with his grandma, Fatima Alves, on Saturday (January 23) in Malibu, Calif.

The 18-month-old son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves played with Camila’s mom, Fatima, on the first nice day in a long time in town!

Love how Levi and Fatima both wore striped shirts on their trip outside - so cute!!

Levi’s little sister, Vida, was born three weeks ago today

Alicia Silverstone Pictures

Ali Landry Pictures

Adriana Lima Pictures

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Venus Williams' skin-colored underwear raises eyebrows at Australian Open

Venus Williams appeared to moon crowds at the Australian Open, but in fact the tennis star was wearing flesh-colored underwear.
Venus Williams appeared to moon crowds at the Australian Open, but in fact the tennis star was wearing flesh-colored underwear.

We see London, we see France, where is Venus' underpants?

That's likely what crowds at the Australian Open have been asking themselves since tennis legend Venus Williams took to the court and appeared to flash her backside last week.

However, the 29-year-old star was quick to put any rumors to rest via Twitter.

"I am wearing undershorts the same color as my skin, so it gives the slits in my dress the full effect!" she wrote on Thursday.

For the last few days during the tournament, Venus has donned a bright green one-piece, with undergarmets that match her dark skin. This sparked debate online that she had elected to battle her opponents commando style.

"Please put on some decent panties. I do not watch tennis to see your exposed buttocks!" wrote one fan on her website,

Reaction to the ensemble has been mixed, based on the posts.

"I just love her dress it has flare and it has imagination," wrote "margaret joyce." However, "Susan A. Yeck" had a different reaction.

"Your choice of outfit at a Grand slam tournament (or any tournament) was disgusting," she posted. "People really do not want to see your body parts exposed."

Although the mixed response may have come from the illusion she was naked, photos (like the one above) clearly show she was thoroughly covered. Venus indicated via Twitter that she was pleased with her choice to wear the outfit.

"My dress for the Austrailian Open has been one of my best designs ever! Its all about the slits and V-Neck," she wrote.

Whatever she may wear, the famous sibling has been burying her opponents at the Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific. She defeated Casey Dellacqua on Saturday in the second set.

Venus will play along side her sister on Sunday against Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka.

Source: Dailynews