Monday, May 31, 2010

Star singer and actress Jessica Simpson has wardrobe gaff

Star singer and actress Jessica Simpson  has wardrobe gaffSinger-actress Jessica Simpson stunned diners in a restaurant when she almost flashed her breasts while trying to retrieve a morsel of food that had fallen down her top.

Simpson was eating a meal with friends at a lounge when a morsel of food accidentally flew off her fork and disappeared down her low-cut top, causing her to scream out in surprise, reports

Then Simpson dug around to retrieve the food stuff, "ruffling up" her top in such a way that fellow diners in the restaurant had to look away.

"She not only dug down into her top, ruffling through bra and cleavage, she even tried burrowing out from beneath, wriggling and digging diligently for the lost tidbit," a source said.

When she finally gave up the hunt, the 29-year-old star joked: "Oh well... it'll pop up eventually!"


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